My artwork ultimately strives to deliver imagery I wish I saw growing up. Imagery I create involves black women in contemporary situations of happiness not tied to trauma. A constant focus of mine is to explore my worldview as a black woman by delivering images that will subliminally live in a person’s subconscious through film and photography.

The art form I currently have the most experience in is painting. When painting, I use acrylic on canvas or paper and sometimes use a photo reference to paint from. In this medium, I’ve developed a style that revolves around portraits and faces of black women. My paintings also lean on the surrealist side and tend to have heavy use of bold colors to catch the eye. Inspiration in this style I work incomes from modern day artists Logan Sylve and Macy Rajacich; their work also leans on the surrealist side. Alongside paintings, I create graphic illustrations, screen-write, and edit photos and videos.

The second medium I often work in is photography. Growing up my sisters and I had subscriptions to fashion magazines. Those polished photographs would live in my head up until now. I believe that is why I currently gravitate toward photographer Renell Medrano who often shoots professional editorials for fashion and culture magazines, where it’s common to find black subjects at the forefront of her images. I believe my influences and my work disrupts current societal worldview that excludes so many in saying that there is space for everyone.