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My artwork ultimately strives to deliver imagery I wish I saw growing up. Imagery I create involves black women in contemporary situations of happiness not tied to trauma. A constant focus of mine is to explore my worldview at the intersections I stand in through film and photography.

The lens in which I capture my subjects is through a soft and observing lens. There is usually a lot of negative space in frame which allows the characters to move in and around their environment freely. The medium in which I capture is digital and my personal filming style consists of natural light, warmth, and a play on atmospheric senses. I take inspiration from the likes of contemporary filmmakers Steve McQueen, Mati Diop, and storyteller Michaela Coel.


When painting, I use acrylic on canvas or paper. In this medium, I’ve developed a style that revolves around portraits and faces of black women. My paintings also lean on the surrealist side and tend to have heavy use of bold colors. Inspiration in this style I work in, comes from modern day artists Chidinma Nnolin, Macy Rajacich, and Logan Sylve.


I believe my artwork disrupts the current societal worldview that excludes so many in saying that there is space for everyone and that we can always generate new approaches to creating art that doesn’t already exist.

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